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yeasayerTwo years since the release of All Hour Cymbals, the psychedelic global-leaning soundscapes that populate Yeasayer’s debut LP remain as expansive as they were upon first listen. The 11 songs play out like spacey treks through fantasy regions of the globe where Middle Eastern beats fuse seamlessly with Westernized pop, Latin rhythms align sonically with wall-of-sound production and 47 minutes of self-styled experimentation serve as the soundtrack to the world’s bazaar. (Or bizarre, for that matter.) Yet the breakthrough tunes from the Brooklyn quartet are not just a global buffet, they’re a representation of Yeasayer’s America. Genuinely New York — from the hurried tempos to the haphazard-yet-calculated structures to the melting pot eclecticism — the band’s first release wears its influences on its (album) sleeve. Having been immersed in recording their follow-up, vocalists Chris Keating, Anand Wilder and Co. are taking a break in order to embark upon a globetrotting tour before returning to the studio to finalize the sounds of their world in 2009.

Chicago Innerview, July 2009

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