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toolLollapalooza has never been shy about inking the biggest names in rock ‘n’ roll. After all, this is a festival that got its start in the previous decade’s heyday of macho guitar riffs. From The Rollins Band in the early days to Nine Inch Nails last year, it’s a summer concert series built on tougher being better…and few things are more dude-oriented than Tool. Deep into its second decade, the California ensemble riffles through hard-hitting, big pounding math-rock anthems with dazzling precision. Lead by charismatic showman Maynard James Keenan (an ex-military man turned actor, entrepreneur, comedian, and performer), Tool’s unique brand of hyper-theatrics and muddy crescendos create the perfect bed for Keenan’s booming vocals. Chicago’s blue-collar population may be just the right audience to eat up a headlining gig by these aging rock stars — and with almost 10 millions albums sold, scheduling Tool in such a premier slot wasn’t a tough choice.

Chicago Innerview, August 2009

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