Tommie Sunshine

By • Jan 1st, 2010 • Category: Band Bios

sunshineWho says you can’t go home again? For 38-year-old Tommie Sunshine, the Windy City will welcome its prodigal DJ son back this month with open turntables. The now-New York-based beatsmith has built his decades-old reputation on mixing contemporary rock tracks into thumping dance club anthems. Even today, as his puffy beard comes highlighted with a few gray hairs, his unmistakable sunglasses and shoulder-length hair leave him looking more like a Woodstock extra than a trend-setting electronic mix master. But the proof is in the pounding, and the speakers do just that when the Chicago native controls the tempo of his various high profile remixes. From taking on the work of fellow Second City acts like Kill Hannah and Fall Out Boy to reworking the sex-laden Peaches and Shiny Toy Guns, Sunshine’s catalog stems from an endless surplus of rock-ready tunes that he’s picked out along his travels from here and there and back again.

Chicago Innerview, January 2010

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