The Orb

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orbMarking the band’s 20th year, 2008 proved to be one of The Orb’s busiest. The electronic music pioneers headlined almost 100 gigs the world over while releasing the celebratory The BBC Sessions 1989-2001. As a way to reflect upon the ambient ensemble’s rise to the tops of the U.K. charts, the live collection compiles the group’s performances (including a 20-minute session with the legendary John Peel) as a retrospective of their must-hear broadcast gigs. Now entering their third decade, Alex Paterson’s crew of beatsmiths continue to blend their mixed bag of sound effects, minimalist rhythms and sultry grooves into moody, atmospheric songs. Drawing from England’s diverse history of genres from folk to glam, The Orb’s organic and otherwise nontraditionally electronic foundations are transformed into soothing arrangements which soundtrack pre-dawn, post-club comedowns. It’s a role very familiar to Paterson & Co., a role they’ve grown into quite nicely throughout the past two decades.

Chicago Innerview Magazine, June 2009

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