The Jesus Lizard

By • Jul 1st, 2009 • Category: Band Bios

jesuslizardOnce upon a time Chicago was the coolest place on the planet. Liz Phair was lambasting our guys, Urge Overkill was saturating our trendiest hotspots while The Smashing Pumpkins were dreaming all over the city. A decade into Metro’s legacy and on the cusp of the Fireside’s brief-but-influential reign, the Windy City’s North Side was the rock industry’s artistic and cultural hub. And the loudest voice of them all was coming from David Yow’s legendary ensemble, The Jesus Lizard. Scratchy, noisy, aggressive and always menacing, Yow and his bandmates established themselves as a seminal cog in both Chicago’s and the burgeoning noise scene’s wheels — and they stayed locked in that position for much of the ’90s. Recently reunited, the now 49-year-old frontman has repositioned his historic noise troupe as elder statesmen on the scene, growing old gracefully but never quietly. The sonically propulsive 4-piece might be without a studio release since 1998, but the decades-old ringing in Chicago’s ears remains loud enough to suffice…for one night at least.

Chicago Innerview, July 2009

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