Riverboat Gamblers

By • Oct 1st, 2009 • Category: Band Bios

riverboat-gamblersThere’s at least one “holy shit” moment at every Riverboat Gamblers concert, and the smart bet is that it will come courtesy of frontman Mike Wiebe. One part Iggy Pop contortionist, one part mic-twirling Roger Daltry and one part Eddie Vedder in his rafter-climbing heyday, the long-haired vocalist has made a habit of seemingly risking life and limb by the middle of each set. In fact, it’s what the Texas collective has built its budding reputation upon. Forget their brief-but-extensive back catalog of punk-laced, garage rock EPs, 7-inches and five LPs since 2001. Overlook this year’s Underneath the Owl, which fuses glossy undertones of ’70s arena rock with the band’s trademark Southern-styled debauchery. The Riverboat Gamblers are simply a spectacle to be seen, all stemming from the charismatic thrill junky Wiebe. No matter how accurate the group’s recordings might be, there’s just no comparison to their live show. And that’s the Riverboat Gamblers’ most consistent bet.

Chicago Innerview, October 2009

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