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Derek Wright
June 23, 2002, to Aug. 31, 2008
Appeared on: All 230 broadcasts*
Jim Hanke
Co-host: Dec. 30, 2007, to Aug. 31, 2008
Appeared on: 20 broadcasts
“Liner Notes was a great way to spend Sunday night, and a bad way to spend Monday morning.”
Nate Lanthrum
April 29, 2007, to Oct. 28, 2007
Appeared on: 23 broadcasts
“Liner Notes was pleasing to the ear, easy on the eyes.”

Brayton Cameron
May 29, 2005, to Dec. 11, 2005
Appeared on: 13 broadcasts
“Liner Notes was a bit of sonic medicine where the worlds of rock criticism and appreciation collided like pathogens and antibodies.”

John Ugolini
May 9, 2004, to Oct. 3, 2004
Appeared on: 13 broadcasts
“Liner Notes was the only job I’ve had that I do not put on my résumé.”
Brian Anderson
July 7, 2002, to Dec. 21, 2003
Appeared on: 55 broadcasts
“Liner Notes was to Sound Opinions what ‘Dante’s Peak’ was to ‘Volcano,’ what ‘Armageddon’ was to ‘Deep Impact,’ what ‘The Crow’ was to ‘The Crow: City of Angels,’ … same concept better cast.”
Others who helped operate the board and answer phones included Rick Linus, Clifton Pierluissi and Jessica Kalin.

*Count reflects number of broadcasts, not total weeks from the first to the final program.

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