Mark Sultan

By • May 1st, 2009 • Category: Band Bios

mark_sultanEx-Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker may have declared that “shit floats” in his 2006 song “Running the World”, but Montreal garage rockers The Spaceshits debated the anti-gravity tendencies of fecal matter most forcefully. Well, that was until the trashing, spastic rock ensemble fell apart with a dramatic death rattle after one too many violent, confrontational gigs. At least the band’s two primary members, Blacksnake and BBQ, have chugged along. Blacksnake has assumed the new pseudonym King Khan while Mark Sultan has maintained the alias BBQ. While the pair independently have kept their energetic shows going, it’s Sultan who has best carried on The Spaceshits’ terrifying live show assault. But with King Khan and Sultan now reunited as the blazing two-man oddball rock act King Khan and BBQ, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Sultan has any sweat left over for his solo performances.

Chicago Innerview Magazine, April 2009

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