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m83For all of their supposed gloom-and-doom posturing, the French sure do like their pop music. Be it Justice, Air, Daft Punk, or Phoenix, there’s a freedom tucked within the jovial genre that the French must find appealing. And Anthony Gonzalez is no different than his fellow countrymen in his expert melding of electronic-based freedom overlaid with a healthy dose of good ol’ fashioned pop. Under the moniker M83, the now-solo songwriter has rifled through five stylish LPs of long-reaching, cinematic, and deeply anthemic electronic pop albums. Chock full of lush strings, chiming guitars, swirling synths and, as of late, swooning vocals, Gonzalez’s outputs have improved along the pace of the well-crafted crescendos which forge the hallmark of his sound. As most recently displayed on 2008’s Saturdays=Youth, Gonzalez’s songwriting holds an affinity and reverence for the past — rooted firmly in the electronics of today with a nostalgic-yet-progressive view of his country’s pop heritage.

Chicago Innerview, July 2009

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