Hollywood Holt

By • May 1st, 2009 • Category: Band Bios

hollywood_holtLike fellow Chicago South Sider Lupe Fiasco, Hollywood Holt rolls in like a bridge between hip-hop culture and alternative sports. Whereas Fiasco is content to kick-push his way through stereotypes and the presumed mutual exclusivity of his dual interests in rap and skateboarding, Hollywood Holt does so while cruising on his moped. Although Holt is also accustomed to hopping on a board and kick-flipping his way over cultural dividers, it’s his music that speaks the loudest. Such was the case during his debut headlining gig at the punk-friendly Fireside Bowl. It’s this willingness to bring forth his rhymes without reservations and this openness to performance despite presumptions that has placed the upstart Holt’s lyrics alongside some of the best MCs in a city that claims Kanye West, Common, Kidz In the Hall and Fiasco. And with his raps scored by Million Dollar Mano, the DJ who has tracked performers from Kanye to MIA, Holt’s messages are sounding smoother than ever.

Chicago Innerview Magazine, May 2009

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