Depeche Mode

By • Aug 1st, 2009 • Category: Band Bios

depeche_modeDepeche Mode is at its best when Dave Gahan is at his worst. Not that the mesmerizing frontman is ever bad on stage; audiences have hung on the 47-year-old raven-haired vocalist’s every word throughout his roughest patches. But it’s times when he’s not performing — like during his battles with heroin addiction, his much publicized suicide attempt, or his two high-profile divorces — that creates the sort of tortured soul aesthetic which leads to his band’s best work. It would be evil to wish him ill in the hopes of garnering more legendary synth-driven tunes, but there’s no harm in noting the relationship. So the ensemble canceling a leg of this year’s tour so that Gahan could have a tumor removed from his bladder might very well mean a creative up-tick for the English icons. At the very least it means that the singer is healthier, and that’s more than just a little silver lining.

Chicago Innerview, August 2009

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