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Derek Wright’s podcast undergoes some changes in this episode. In addition to playing more music from the featured albums via several clips and a complete song, each review now will get a rating of “New bin,” “Used bin” or “Recycling bin,” as a way show when an album is worth buying – when it’s in the new bin, when you see it in a used bin, or if you should just toss it in a recycling bin. In addition to the ranking system, a listener-fueled segment called “Lyrical Life Lessons” caps the show, during which Derek seeks meaning in otherwise questionable lyrics.

Length: 1:20:45

New albums reviewed:
U2, “No Line On the Horizon”
The Soundtrack of our Lives, “Communion”
Neko Case, “Middle Cyclone”
Cursive, “Mama, I’m Swollen”
Say Hi, “Oohs & Aahs”
Razorlight, “Slipway Fires”

Lyrical Life Lesson:
Des’ree “Life”

Correction: During a conversation about U2, The Edge was referred to as Dick Evans. The guitarist’s real name is Dave Evans, Dick Evans is his brother.

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